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iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security Pro

WordPress currently powers over 40% of all websites, so it has become an easy target for hackers with malicious intent. iThemes Security Pro takes the guesswork out of WordPress security.

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iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security Pro

WordPress currently powers over 40% of all websites, so it has become an easy target for hackers with malicious intent. iThemes Security Pro takes the guesswork out of WordPress security.

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iThemes Security Pro
iThemes Security Pro
iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security Pro

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What is iThemes Security Pro?

iThemes Security Pro is the #1 WordPress Security Plugin.

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) gives you over 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day. WordPress sites can be an easy target for attacks because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software.

Most WordPress admins don’t know they’re vulnerable, but iThemes Security works to lock down WordPress, fix common holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials. With advanced features for experienced users, our WordPress security plugin can help harden WordPress.

Maintained and Supported by iThemes

iThemes has been building and supporting WordPress tools since 2008 like BackupBuddy, our WordPress backup plugin. With our full range of WordPress plugins, themes and training, WordPress security is the next step in providing you with everything you need to build the WordPress web.

Get Plugin Support and Pro Features

Get added peace of mind with professional support from our expert team and pro features to take your site’s security to the next level with iThemes Security Pro.Pro Features:

  • Two-Factor Authentication – Use a mobile app such as Google Authenticator or Authy to generate a code or have a generated code emailed to you.
  • WordPress Salts & Security Keys – The iThemes Security plugin makes updating your WordPress keys and salts easy.
  • Malware Scan Scheduling – Have your site scanned for malware automatically each day. If an issue is found, an email is sent with the details.
  • Password Security – Generate strong passwords right from your profile screen.
  • Password Expiration – Set a maximum password age and force users to choose a new password. You can also force all users to choose a new password immediately (if needed).
  • Google reCAPTCHA – Protect your site against spammers.
  • User Action Logging – Track when users edit content, login or logout.
  • Import/Export Settings – Saves time setting up multiple WordPress sites.
  • Dashboard Widget – Manage important tasks such as user banning and system scans right from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Online File Comparison – When a file change is detected it will scan the origin of the files to determine if the change was malicious or not. Currently works only in WordPress core but plugins and themes are coming.
  • Temporary Privilege Escalation – give a contractor or someone else temporary admin or editor access to your site that will automatically reset itself.
  • wp-cli Integration – Manage your site’s security from the command line.

iThemes Sync Integration

Manage more than one WordPress site? Manage Away Mode, release lockouts and keep your themes, plugins and WordPress core up to date from one dashboard with iThemes Sync. Start managing 10 WordPress sites for free with iThemes Sync.

iThemes Brute Force Attack Protection Network

iThemes Security takes brute force attack protection to the next level by banning users who have tried to break into other sites from breaking into yours. The iThemes Brute Force Attack Protection Network will automatically report IP addresses of failed login attempts and will block them for a length of time necessary to protect your site based on the number of sites that have seen a similar attack.


iThemes Security works to protect your site by blocking bad users and increasing the security of passwords and other vital information.

  • Prevents brute force attacks by banning hosts and users with too many invalid login attempts
  • Scans your site to instantly report where vulnerabilities exist and fixes them in seconds
  • Bans troublesome user agents, bots and other hosts
  • Strengthens server security
  • Enforces strong passwords for all accounts of a configurable minimum role
  • Forces SSL for admin pages (on supporting servers)
  • Forces SSL for any page or post (on supporting servers)
  • Turns off file editing from within WordPress admin area
  • Detects and blocks numerous attacks to your filesystem and database


iThemes Security monitors your site and reports changes to the filesystem and database that might indicate a compromise. iThemes Security also works to detect bots and other attempts to search vulnerabilities.

  • Detects bots and other attempts to search for vulnerabilities.
  • Monitors filesystem for unauthorized changes.
  • Run a scan for malware and blacklists on the homepage of your site.
  • Receive email notifications when someone gets locked out after too many failed login attempts or when a file on your site has been changed.


iThemes Security hides common WordPress security vulnerabilities, preventing attackers from learning too much about your site and away from sensitive areas like your site’s login, admin, etc.

  • Changes the URLs for WordPress dashboard areas including login, admin and more
  • Completely turns off the ability to login for a given time period (away mode)
  • Removes theme, plugin, and core update notifications from users who do not have permission to update them
  • Removes Windows Live Write header information
  • Removes RSD header information
  • Renames “admin” account
  • Changes the ID on the user with ID 1
  • Changes the WordPress database table prefix
  • Changes wp-content path
  • Removes login error messages


iThemes Security makes regular backups of your WordPress database, allowing you to get back online quickly in the event of an attack. Use iThemes Security to create and email database backups on a customizable schedule.For complete site backups and the ability to restore or move WordPress to a new host or domain, check out BackupBuddy.

Other WordPress Security Benefits

  • Makes it easier for users not accustomed to WordPress to remember login and admin URLs by customizing default admin URLs
  • Detects hidden 404 errors on your site that can affect your SEO such as bad links and missing images

WordPress Security Tutorials

Learn how to use our WordPress security plugin with our series of in-depth tutorial videos:

  • Getting Started
  • Global Settings
  • 404 Detection
  • Away Mode
  • Banned Users
  • Brute Force Protection


  • Works on multi-site (network) and single site installations
  • Works with Apache, LiteSpeed or NGINX (Note: NGINX will require you to manually edit your virtual host configuration)
  • Features like database backups and file checks can be problematic on servers without a minimum of 64MB of RAM. All testing servers allocate 128MB to WordPress and usually don’t have any other plugins installed.
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iThemes Security Pro Pricing

iThemes Security Pro

Blogger - $80 PER YEAR

  • Secure & protect 1 site
  • 1 year of ticketed support
  • 1 year of plugin updates

Small Business - $127 PER YEAR

  • Secure & protect 10 sites
  • 1 year of ticketed support
  • 1 year of plugin updates

Gold - $199 PER YEAR

  • Secure & protect unlimited sites
  • 1 year of ticketed support
  • 1 year of plugin updates

iThemes Security Pro FAQ

What happens after I buy iThemes Security Pro?

  • After you purchase iThemes Security Pro, you will get an email confirmation with a link to login to the iThemes Member Panel, where you can download your iThemes Security Pro plugin zip file. Use the same username and password you used to complete your purchase to log in to the iThemes Member Panel. From the iThemes Member Panel, navigate to the Downloads page to download the zip file of the plugin.

How do I get started with iThemes Security Pro?

  • Once you’ve downloaded your iThemes Security Pro plugin zip file, follow the standard WordPress plugin installation methods to upload and activate iThemes Security Pro on your WordPress site. For more instructions on downloading and installing iThemes Security Pro, check out this tutorial on installing downloaded plugins. Once you’ve installed iThemes Security Pro, make sure to license the plugin for automatic updates. Next up, follow the plugin’s setup menu to activate the recommended security features.

What’s included in my iThemes Security Pro purchase?

  • Your iThemes Security Pro purchase includes a one-year membership subscription to updates and support for the plugin. Your iThemes Security Pro membership includes immediate access to all new versions and features released for iThemes Security Pro during your subscription year, plus ticketed support from the iThemes Help Desk. The membership model is the best way we can provide top-tier support and maintain iThemes Security Pro to guard your site against the latest forms of attacks. After the one-year mark, iThemes Security Pro is still yours to use and keep, but we recommend renewing your iThemes Security Pro subscription to have continued access to updates and new features that are designed for the latest security trends and threats.

Can I get a refund for iThemes Security Pro?

  • We offer a 30-day refund policy. We firmly believe in and stand behind our products 100%, but we understand that they cannot work for everyone all of the time. If you would like to request a refund, please open a “Pre-Sales and Account Services” support ticket. When requesting a refund, we respectfully ask that you meet our refund policy conditions.

Where can I get help with iThemes Security Pro?

  • Support for current iThemes Security Pro customers is available from the iThemes Help Desk. If you have questions or need help with iThemes Security Pro, please let us know. Our team of moderators actively respond to support requests (typically within one business day) during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm (CST). We also have extensive iThemes Security Pro documentation.

How does iThemes Security Pro compare to other WordPress security plugins?

How do I upgrade from the free version of iThemes Security to iThemes Security Pro?

  • Upgrading from the free version of the plugin to Pro is easy! After your purchase, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download iThemes Security Pro from the iThemes Member Panel. Install/activate Pro on your WordPress site, then deactivate/delete the free version. All of your settings will be preserved.

Why does iThemes Security require the latest WordPress version? Can’t I use a slightly older version?

  • One of the best security practices for a WordPress site owner is keeping software up to date. Because of this, we only test this plugin on the latest stable version of WordPress and will only guarantee it works in the latest version.

Does this work with network or multisite installations?

  • Yes. We’re in the process of developing more documentation, so we’ll update this as soon as it’s ready.

Can I help make iThemes Security Pro better?

  • Of course! We are in constant need of testers. In addition, we can always use help with translations for internationalization.

Will this work on all servers and hosts?

  • iThemes Security requires Apache or LiteSpeed and mod_rewrite or NGINX to work. While this security plugin should work on all hosts with Apache or LiteSpeed and mod_rewrite or NGINX, it has been known to experience problems in shared hosting environments where it runs out of resources such as available CPU or RAM. For this reason, it is extremely important that you make a backup of your site before installing on any existing site. If you run out of resources during an operation such as renaming your database table, you may need your backup to be able to restore access to your site. Finally, please make sure you have adequate RAM if you plan to use the file change detector or make large backups.

Can a WordPress security plugin completely stop all attacks on my site?

  • No. iThemes Security is designed to help improve the security of your WordPress installation from many common attack methods, but it cannot prevent every possible attack. Nothing replaces diligence and implementing the WordPress security best practices. This plugin makes it a little easier for you to apply both.

iThemes Security Pro Lifetime Deal FAQ

What is the Waitlist for iThemes Security Pro?

The Waitlist is a Bootstrapps initiative to help our members get the best pricing on the apps they most want. When enough people join a waitlist, we contact the company on your behalf to request a custom deal. This could include a lifetime deal and/or iThemes Security Pro coupon code. Only logged in members can join waitlists - login.

Would a lifetime deal for iThemes Security Pro be legitimate?

Lifetime deals are becoming a common strategy especially for startups to get an influx of beta users.

The seller is willing to let this initial group of users get access for a one time fee to get an immediate cash injection into their business that can often negate the need for venture capital.

The other benefit is the seller gets a motivated study group of users with valuable feedback to make their app better.

However larger companies tend to be more hesitant to embrace the lifetime deal model but there are ways that it can become more appealing to them as a business.

First by getting more people on the waitlist and secondly by making adjustments to the terms of the lifetime deal that are considerate to both seller and buyers long term cashflow.

So as you can see when it comes to software, the risks are quite low to you the buyer as long as you do your due diligence.

Is there a guarantee for iThemes Security Pro?

Most reputable lifetime deal offers will offer you a money back guarantee of between 30-60 days. Beware of any offer that doesn’t provide you this guarantee.

Will I get updates and support from iThemes Security Pro

All lifetime deals featured on Bootstrapps will include future updates and support direct from the seller.

Will iThemes Security Pro work with my current app stack?

There is nothing worse than buying an app that doesn’t work with your other business critical apps.

So make sure to visit their features page and if they don’t mention supporting your specific apps then see if they support Zapier or web hooks. This will give you flexibility for the future.

What else should I know before buying iThemes Security Pro?

Lifetime deals have several key points to consider.

  1. Look at the pricing for the iThemes Security Pro lifetime deal. The benefits of the deal could be limited compared to retail pricing especially if they offer a free plan.

  2. Look at reviews from current clients and people who just bought the lifetime deal as this will give you a good idea of whether iThemes Security Pro is here for the long term.

  3. Look at their product road map to see if their vision matches your requirements for the future.

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